Public speaks up against Ahsan Khan for ‘abusing’ animals on his show – online petition initiated to stop it

‘Time Out With Ahsan Khan’ on Express Entertainment is in hot waters for using rabbits in one of the segments on the show. Many believe that the fragile little animal is being mistreated and there is no purpose of using a rabbit as a prop as it is completely unethical.

A petition is being signed online against the practice of using animals on the show. According it the petition, the use of animals in the segment is ‘distressing’ for poor creatures. Moreover, it is also stated that whether the animals were brought from a breeder and in what conditions they are kept is not known.

The segment

Basically the show host, Ahsan Khan, forcefully puts the rabbits in the celebrities’ laps in this specific segment as a ‘punishment’ for not getting the answer to a question right. So many celebrities shout and yell when the rabbit is put on their laps which is enraging the public leaving them questioning whether it is animal abuse or not. Other than this, rabbits are extremely fragile animals and must be handled with a lot of care.

Here’s a video of the segment with Maya Ali as the guest:

In the previous few months, many cases of animal abuse have came under light. From keeping the animals in poor and unsuitable environments to not providing them their required nutritional needs, animal rights are highly suppressed in Pakistan.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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