5 tips that can help protect your child from sexual abuse

Our children are our biggest asset. We would leave no stone unturned in order to protect them. Even something as little as a ‘prick’ hurting our child would devastate us. No one can imagine the pain parents go through when their children are physically or mentally hurt.

We always try to keep an eye on our children, making sure that they are out of harm’s way, BUT what happens when we shift our attention somewhere else, such as doing a chore?

Are our children really as safe as we think? Whether they are at home, at school or somewhere outside, can we really be rest assured that there are no predators lurking around? When exactly do these predators attack? Where do they lurk? What goes on in their sick and perverted minds?

We will never know, BUT we can always be prepared. If you have been following social media or the news lately, you will notice that the cases of child abuse have alarmingly increased. The abusers are not just strangers, some of them were also the victim’s flesh and blood.

Now that we see that our children are not even safe at home, who do we trust our kids with? It is impossible for us to keep them huddled forever right in front of our eyes, how can we make sure that NO ONE will ever take advantage of them?

Following are a few ways we can make our children aware and make sure they realize that someone is trying to abuse/harass them:

Body Parts:

Make sure you start telling your children about their body parts at an early age. They should know which parts of their body are ‘private.’ Also tell them that only their parents can see their private parts AND if ANYONE insists on seeing them, they must tell you immediately.


Parents must tell their children to make sure they keep a distance with ANYONE who makes them feel uncomfortable. Tell them to not let anyone touch their private parts AND to never touch anyone else’s (abuser’s) private parts as well. According to studies, in the initial stages of sexual abuse, the abuser asks the child to touch him/her first.


It is imperative for you to have a healthy and honest relationship with your children. They should know that they can talk to you about ANYTHING. Tell them that it’s not ok to keep secrets from you. If someone is abusing them and asking them to keep it a secret or are threatening them, they should be able to come talk to you right away.


In our society, talking openly about body parts or sexual abuse is considered a taboo. Our children are also brought up with the same mentality. When a child is being sexually abused, one of the main reasons that he doesn’t confide in his/her parents is because he/she thinks it is THEIR fault. The abuser might also threaten them with this logic, leading to prolonged abuse. Please talk to your children and make them realize that they can tell you literally anything.

Inappropriate Pictures:

While cell phones are a blessing, they are also a curse. Abusers with negative and dirty minds use cell phones to take inappropriate pictures of innocent victims. Let your children know to NEVER let anyone, whether it’s a stranger or a relative, take inappropriate pictures of them or their body parts.

We as parents must be vigilant regarding the safety of our children. Where they go and who they meet is OUR responsibility to find out. Your children should be able to share anything with you without any fear. Start preparing your kids when they are young and remember, YOU can’t trust ANYONE.

What are your views on this? Share with us in the comments bar below.

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