President Arif Alvi highlights the importance of family planning

President Arif Alvi emphasizes the importance of family planning

President Arif Alvi recently took to Twitter to talk about the stigma surrounding ‘family planning.’ He shared a video on his social media which emphasized the importance and need for planned parenthood.

With overpopulation causing multiple issues in Pakistan, the government has tried numerous campaigns to somehow tackle the issue. Dr. Arif Alvi has now used his platform to educate people on this topic as well.

He said, ‘National health has a deep connection to the mother and child’s health. Being responsible Pakistani, we should give priority to things that are important. Family planning must be practiced for prosperity. Keep a check on the number of children. Make good health a reality. Instead of ignoring the topic, talk about it and spread the message.’

The video highlighted how significant family planning is. It also talked about the stigma associated with it and how instead of turning a blind eye towards the issue, the public should be educated over it.

Twitter users applauded the message. Many wished that such messages would air on the television rather than unnecessary advertisements.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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