Police case registered against father for allegedly burning 9-month-old son with cigarettes, beating him to death

Police case registered against the father for beating son to death

A police case has been registered against a father in Sanda, Lahore, for allegedly killing his own son.

According to the law enforcement agency, the father, Mustafa, killed his 9-month-old son, Musa, by beating him to death. The mother of the deceased, Kanwal Shahzadi reported that on 30th September, her husband started beating the child out of nowhere.

The case

Seeing this, the distressed mother tried to save her toddler, but Mustafa started physically abusing her too. She went unconscious due to the abuse, and during this time, the father kept on hurting their child. Kanwal said that he even burnt Musa’s body with cigarettes.

The child was hurt and brought to the hospital in an unconscious state. When the mother returned from the hospital, she was told that the child passed away, and had already been buried.

In this case, Musa’s father, Mustafa, his grandmother, Rehana, and a ‘culprit’ named Faisal have been accused.

The plaintiff even gave the police a video. The video showed torture marks on the child’s body, but the true reason behind the death will be revealed after the post-mortem.

An investigation is currently underway.

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