Plastic bags, they’re so convenient! Here’s why the government’s ban is worth the inconvenience

Plastic bags, first introduced in the 1960s, changed the way the world worked, and in less than 70 years have taken over everything. It’s pretty much impossible to look around us now and not see something made of plastic.

These were made because they were cheaper than paper bags, the retailers were happy, and they held heavier items, the customers were happy.

Earlier this year, the use of plastic bags was banned in Islamabad. Government officials confiscated all the plastic bags all over the city and suddenly, people were confused about what they were supposed to do now? Am I supposed to hold my groceries in my hands? How can I possibly shop ever again? And why should I even be doing this? What’s the point?

Every single plastic bag ever made is still on this earth, that’s older than many countries!

Well, The average time a plastic bag is used is a couple of minutes. We buy a can of coke it comes in a plastic bag and then we discard it.

Where does it go from there? The landfills and our oceans. There’s no way to recycle polythene bags. They’re there forever.

As they are thrown away and forgotten, these bags break down in the soil and animals eat them, causing them to die. Many of these animals are cows that graze on the land. The cows that we eat the meat of.

The bags that end up in the oceans – turtles, fish and other aquatic life forms end up swallowing these thinking they’re food, they die too. And the ones that don’t eat them often end up trapped in the bags themselves, and then slowly die.


Being humans, we are capable of thinking and deciding to do better by these life forms. Instead of protesting against the ban we should take charge instead – it’s not the responsibility of the governments but it’s our responsibility as humans. It’s very easy to make the change.

Get reusable bags, you can even make your own! Keep them in your car, just as you’d take your car keys or your wallet, you can also grab your bags. It’s easy and it doesn’t cost a fortune and you save lives as you do it.

Plastics have infected our planet in front of our eyes, and we let it happen. It’s time we take charge and make a difference. Start with the bags – they’re the easiest things to replace and slowly we can band together so even the multinationals that use single use packaging has to stop.

Solution- If we won’t buy the plastics they won’t have anyone to sell it to – demand and supply.

We have more power than we’d think.
All we have to do is take responsibility to make a difference and together – we can do anything.

Do you think you are capable of making the change? Or do you still prefer the convenience knowing what these bags really cost?

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