Palestinian woman terrified of giving birth inside Israeli prison

A 25-years-old pregnant woman, Anhar al-Deek, was arrested by the Israeli army from the village of Kufr Nima. She was taken by the army on March 8th from her family’s farmlands.

The woman was accused of carrying out a stabbing attack. Despite the family’s constant appeals, she has still not been released. As she is approaching her due date, Anhar feels anxious because she is handcuffed behind the bars.

In a letter that Anhar wrote to her family, she talked about the crippling fear that is taking over her. Instead of feeling happy that she will be giving birth like most mothers, Anhar feels scared for her baby. She says that it would be better if the baby stays in her womb rather than the Israeli prison. She wrote in the letter, ‘What shall I do if I was born far from you, and was handcuffed while I was giving birth?’

‘You know how [difficult] a cesarean delivery is..Imagine it in prison, alone and handcuffed,’ she further wrote in the letter.

According to media outlets, Anhar was able to send the letter to her family through another female prisoner who was released recently.

Anhar also has a daughter who is only 18 months old. She is being looked after by her mother, Aisha.

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