Pakistani report highlights the media’s negligence in reporting cases of violence against women

SSDO releases report, titled 'Tracking Numbers: State of violence against women and children'

A report, highlighting violence against women and children, has been released in Pakistan. It emphasized the difficulties faced by women and children. It also talked about the carelessness of the media in reporting them.

According to the report, women and children are being made targets of heinous crimes, and the media has failed to aware the public of these issues properly.

Tracking Numbers: State of violence against women and children

The report, titled ‘Tracking Numbers: State of violence against women and children’, has been issued by SSDO or Sustainable Social Development Organisation. Under this report, it has been stated that during only the first six months of 2021, 6,754 women were kidnapped and 1,890 raped.

Talking about provinces, Punjab has 3,721 cases of crimes against women were reported. However, the media highlighted even fewer cases in this regard.

Islamabad reported 34 rape cases and in Punjab, a total of 752 cases of child abuse were reported. According to the SSDO, the media highlighted only 27 cases. It also pointed out that Lahore was the hotspot in Punjab, with the highest cases of rape, domestic abuse, and child abuse. Faisalabad and Gujranwala came after it.

SSDO Director Shahid Jatoi said that although violence against women was still ongoing, the lack of reporting by the media is a problem He added that it was evident that the media does not pay attention to these crimes.

The reported stressed that there is a need for the concerned authorities to take strict and immediate action in order to curb the disturbing trend.

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