Pakistani filmmaker Samar Minallah’s ‘Out Swing’ wins the ‘Best Short Film’ Award


Pakistani filmmaker, Samar Minallah Khan has won the Best Short film award. The win was announced on Twitter.

Filmmaker Samar has been awarded for her short film Out Swing at the 7th Sports Film Festival Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The filmmaker was lauded for her work on Twitter. The official account of the Festival congratulated the filmmaker on her short film.

The documentary is about a coach who basically teaches young girls how to play cricket. The girls are passionate about the sport. They hail from traditional families. The youngest among them, who is nine years old, wants to win over her fears and personal battles. She finds comfort in school and cricket.

The devoted coach is a strong figure in the film. He risks his life and makes the girl ‘move away’ from the traditional norms women are expected to follow. The documentary was shot in the outskirts of Islamabad.

Multiple people, including Afia Salam and Owais Tohid, congratulated Minallah over her achievement.

Samar Minallah Khan

Samar is a Pakistani documentary filmmaker. She is known as the ‘Savior of Soul’ in media. She is also known by the title, ‘Women that changed Pakistan.’

Minallah is known as a pioneer in using film for the purpose of promoting social changes in Pakistan. Her other famous works include Swara – A Bridge over Troubled Waters. This documentary is very famous and has won multiple national and international awards. The documentary was based on the practice that violates a girl child and women. It questioned the practice. The important yet sensitive topic of compensation marriages was highlighted in the documentary.

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