This woman punished her online harasser in an epic way and left everyone shocked

Umana Huq is a young woman from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Like most women on the internet, she has had her fair share of unsolicited messages from random men. Almost all of these men hide behind their computer screens and use fake profiles to harass women over the internet.

Before you ask “Ab message bhejna bhi harassment hogaya?” Yes. Any form of unwanted or uninvited physical or verbal behaviour that offends or humiliates someone is harassment.

A point comes in most of our lives where we go like that’s it! We can’t just block and ignore anymore. For Umana, that day came and she decided to do something about a particular man who kept messaging her sexually explicit messages – totally uninvited, she didn’t even know the guy.

So she messaged him back. She baited him by asking for his real account. Saying she doesn’t talk to fakes. Taking the bait, he immediately sends it to her.

Then she gets his Facebook information from him. He’s more than happy to provide it.

Once on his Facebook, she found his entire family’s I.D’s and threatened him that she’ll send the explicit messages directly to them unless he apologizes.

But her preferred method of apology was the epic part.

She told him to go write “I will not sexually harass others” a 100 times on paper by the end of the day.

He tries to take the easy way out by typing it out and sending it to her but Umana wasn’t going to budge. She reminded him that it needs to be handwritten, on paper.

He eventually had to and sent her the proof and apologized again.

This is brilliant. The way Umana dealt with this man who thought no one can do him any harm was not only hilarious but effective too. If nothing else, every time he thinks of messaging a woman anything explicit online, he’ll think of the time he had to write out his apology a 100 times.

If you’re one of those people who message unknown people online, you should know, if it’s a message you wouldn’t want your mom or your entire family to see, don’t send it. Remember, even if you hide behind your computer or a fake profile, there’s always a way to find you. So why not avoid all of that by not sending a text at all?

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