One wheel. One family. A million smiles!

Imagine going to the kitchen and finding there is no clean water to drink or cook with.

How could you forget to refill the clay pot in the morning? Now you have to meticulously plan your journey of walking 45 minutes to the source of fresh and clean water in the scorching heat, all the while carrying your heavy clay pot. Then after filling up your pot, you place that on your head, making your 45-minute journey back.

When you finally manage to drag yourself home, your body is breaking from the tedious journey. Your little kids are sitting at the entrance, looking at you with thirsty eyes, waiting for you to fill their empty cups with the magic liquid you just brought back.

When they finally quench their thirst, you notice there isn’t any water left for you? What will you drink let alone cook with?

Now you need to plan that whole exhausting journey again. Imagine the toll this trip would take on your body? Can we, while we luxuriously live in our air-conditioned houses while having uninterrupted access to clean water, ever make this trip EVEN once? Even if we ever had to, wouldn’t we immediately find or invent an alternate way to fix this issue? Hell yes!

That is exactly what Tayyaba Organization is working on.

They are a U.K registered social enterprise which is also registered in Pakistan whose basic aim is to improve the basic lives of underprivileged Pakistanis by providing easy solutions to their water-related issues. They consist of a team of Pakistani alumni and students who have joined hands to help those who can’t fulfill their basic needs.

What is a H2O Wheel?                

This is an initiative taken by the organization to help provide a H2O wheel to every household so they can get access to clean water easily.

Clean and freshwater are a basic necessity and no one should be deprived of them no matter their location and financial condition. Life of people in rural areas is anything but easy.

The main burden of carrying fresh water to and fro lies on the shoulders of children and women. They walk daily for about 2-4 hours all the while carrying heavy pots in the scorching heat. The H2O wheel will lighten up their burden. But how?

How they help:

  1. For starters, it will provide access to safe water without compromising on the sanitation and hygiene.
  2. As it is easy to use, you simply have to roll it. This reduces travel time by up to half.
  3. It has a larger capacity of storage and can hold up to 40 liters of water.
  4. It is developed by keeping the terrain and environment in mind. It will also serve as a clean source of storing water.

What can we do?

Now comes the important part. What can we do to help?

DONATE. Donate as much you can.

With every penny we give, some families in another part of the country will thank us for it. Let us help build each other up especially those who are less fortunate than us.

Every little helps!

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