Omar’s case taught us to Trust NO one when it comes to your children – A mothers take

Children are the most innocent beings on this planet. With their little bodies and inquisitive eyes they can’t wait to explore the world around them. They can’t wait to get answers about the world. How does the sun come out? Why do we have a moon in the sky at night? Will my daddy bring me candies today? Will mommy play with me? I can’t wait to get my hands on my favorite toy today! These are the typical thoughts that cloud the mind of a little child.

Everyone around him/her is a friend. Someone who would love them just like their mum and dad, I mean they were born to be loved right? All they have known is the warmth of their daddy’s hugs and the soothing voice of their mum’s. Their little brains cannot fathom how and why someone can hurt them. They are oblivious to the evil and ugly truth of the world. Yes! We all know there are hungry ‘predators’ lurking in the corner, waiting for the right time to pounce.

Such was the case with a poor innocent soul, Omar Rathore.

He was just 5 years old. He was abducted from right in front of his house. No one can imagine the hell that broke loose on his family.

Not knowing about your child’s whereabouts is the biggest trial that NO one should ever have to go through.

His father desperately took to facebook and twitter, in hopes of finding anyone who would have any information about his son. News about little Umar’s disappearance spread like wildfire, everyone started praying and posting on their newsfeed. 

The police was on their toes, searching for any leads that could lead to the whereabouts of Umar.

Then all of a sudden, the news that all of us were dreading came to light. The police had recovered Umar’s body from a house in the capital. His little hands, feet and mouth were bound by sticky tape and his body was shoved in a cupboard. The tape was bound so hard, it stopped the circulation of his blood and his little body gave up.

Now comes an important question, who kidnapped him?

Well, it was his father’s cousin. Came as a shock right? He kidnapped him for ransom. How can someone who is your own flesh and blood do this? What was innocent Umar’s fault? None of us can imagine what that poor child went through those days and nights.

We need to understand one important thing, WE MUST COMMUICATE with our children.

Parents please sit down with your kids and tell them to never talk to any stranger. Never go off with any stranger or even with a family member without asking you.

You should develop a bond based on TRUST with your kids so they feel comfortable sharing any kind of information with you. We as parents need to be one step ahead of our children in knowing what their plans are, who their friends are and what activities they have outside of the house.

When going outside or to the playground, please be vigilant and keep an eye on who is communicating with your child. Everyone should know that your child is NEVER unattended and that his/her mom or dad is watching them like a hawk.

According to statistics about 90% of children are kidnapped or abused by people they know.

The question is how is someone so confident in knowing that he/she can take advantage of your child. Maybe the perpetrator notices how the child is mostly by himself and has no one supervising him/her. We can never know what goes on in the minds of these sick individuals. We on the other hand should be well prepared to avoid such incidents in the future. Be your child’s best friend.

  • DQ says:

    As per My opinion: I am against with the message that you have tried to given in this article, Every parent is already trying his best to communicate well with their kids. In this case the culprit was a person who carries your “own blood” i.e. relative. You cannot protect innocents with such evils. The solution is only LAW, our country LAW institutes SUCKS… “Pakistani” LAW is the worst in the world… We have the list the authentic culprits (Big Names,politicians etc) but nothing can be done.Let our Idiot Gov add a death penalty to be give publically..Let our judiciary & GOV set example than i will see who dares to do child abuse

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