Meet Nisha Rao, the first member of the transgender community to enroll in LLM

Nisha Rao becomes the first transgender person to enroll in LLM

In an exciting new development, a member of the transgender community, Nisha Rao has enrolled in a Mphil equivalent program. She is now the first person from the marginalized community to pursue higher education.

A lawyer and activist, Rao has secured admission in LLM at the University of Karachi. LLM is a law degree. She is also the first transgender person in the country to get a law degree from the Sindh Muslim Government Law College.

Talking to a news source, Rao said that she had given the entry test four months ago. The lawyer came to learn about her admission four days back. She added that she is the first transgender person to get the degree.

Struggles within the community

Nisha highlighted the obstacles people from her community have to face while pursuing higher education. She said that there is a lot of social disparity. Due to this, universities and other educational institutes are hesitant to offer admission to members of the transgender community.

To bridge this gap, Nisha thinks there should be a separate quota for the community. This way, minorities will get an equal chance to get an education and make a name for themselves.

Watch her interview here:

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