Newly married couple shot in ‘SITE’ for marrying out of choice

In Karachi, a newly married couple was shot dead in the SITE area. The groom was 26-year-old Moosa Alias Sher Zaman, who had recently married 24-year-old Amna Alias.

The two were shot at their residence near Sultani Masjid. In order to clear the medico-legal formalities, the bodies were shifted to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital. According to the SHO of the area, Zafar Ali Shah, the couple had gotten married just one month ago. The ceremony took place in the MPR Colony of Orangi Town.

The couple married each other by their own free will, despite the bride’s family not agreeing to the marriage. The SHO said that a jirga was even held to settle this issue, around 10 days ago. However, the brother of Amna did not agree to the conclusion of the jirga.

The police official said that the woman’s two brothers, Siddiq and Asad, barged into their home and fired at them. After killing the two, they later escaped.

The couple was shot for free-will marriage. An investigation on the matter is currently underway.

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