Stray neighbourhood animals – why doesn’t the government just get rid of them?

Street cats and dogs are almost in every neighbourhood in Pakistan. Often the residents of the surrounding areas are highly inconvenienced by their existence. We see posts all the time about people complaining about angry cats and dogs in the area and want them to be removed from the area, but should that really happen?

Street cats and dogs are natural predators, they keep the population of wild rats and other rodents in control – you get rid of them you’ll get more rats, does anyone really want that?

The streets are their home, even if one group is evacuated you’ll find many more moving into the newly available territory, it’s how nature works!

Turns out we do need them after all, so what can we do to minimize any bad experiences we have with these animals?


  • They never attack anyone for no reason, they can feel your energy, if they sense you’re there to harm them they’ll be defensive too. Be calm, be gentle.
  • Try to be understanding, sometimes someone else has already been mean to them, we’ve all seen it. Some kids hit them, some adults hit them too – they just react by being aggressive back. You see this happen? Make it stop. Stand up for them.
  • Everyone should work together and start putting food and water out for them, they’ll eat almost everything we usually have in our homes anyway! Leftover chicken, rice, rotis, broth, anything! A lot of meat shops sell scrap chicken at under Pkr 50-100 too!
    If everyone puts a plate of food out everyday the animals won’t be hungry and won’t be aggressive!
  • Collect money around the neighborhood or start petitions with the local governments to start a capture, spay, release drive. Spayed animals don’t reproduce and are less aggressive.

The population stays down, the animals are happy, the people are happy.

Animals can’t talk back to us, just because they’re on the street doesn’t make them evil, or less deserving of being on this Earth. We as humans have the capacity to think, we can think better and do right by them. All we need to do is be a little more thoughtful to bring some change. We need to.

Do your own research too, visit the local animal shelters, see how the rescued animals and how loving they are if they are treated right. You can even ask them for guidance on what else you can do in your specific area. Do you try to take care of any animals in your area?

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