Nayab Nadeem’s stepbrother confesses to killing the model in the name of honor

The police have arrested model Nayab Nadeem’s stepbrother for allegedly killing the model. The 29-year-old model was found dead in her home on 11th July 2021.

Nayab lived alone and was strangled to death before getting tortured. It was revealed during the start of the investigation that the suspect, her stepbrother, had confessed to killing his sister.

The police officials confirmed that all the evidence that was collected from the scene of the crime suggests that her stepbrother did murder her. Fingerprint samples from the door of the residence matched with her brother. He was also the one who found her body and reported it to the police.

The police added that Nayab was killed after an altercation, and strangling. To divert the attention of investigators, the victim was stripped off of her clothes, making it seem like a rape-and-murder case.

Previously, the police investigated the case and discovered that the criminal had taken the deceased’s phone and escaped from the back of the house. After gaining access to the information on the phone, her friends have been included in the investigation as well.

After a post-mortem, the body was handed back to her relative.

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  • KYI says:

    Why would anyone hit the loving emoji after such horrendous attack on a woman & that by her family member. Shame on you

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