Natasha’s salon sets “the real standard” for salons by refusing to reopen

Natasha’s salon is one of the biggest names in the Pakistani beauty industry. Brides get fight to get their appointments with them months in advance for their weddings and so do people attending events. The salon never really has a “slow day”.

With the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, one of the first businesses that were told to close down were beauty salons. Even on an average day without a pandemic, salons can be potential breeding grounds for hundreds of viruses. It’s essential to keep everything sterilised and properly clean.

But anyone who’s ever been to regular salons in Pakistan knows that cleanliness isn’t usually top on their to-do list. Cheaper salons usually can’t afford to keep their cleanliness up to par, they just need maximum clients coming into the salon.

Now that the supreme court of Pakistan has given the order to reopen businesses including salons even though the number of cases in our country continue to rise. It’s like all hell has broken loose.

Salons claiming to “raise the bar” by having their employees wear scrubs and PPEs that they claim will be changed per customers are popping up. They say they’re 100% sure they won’t be party to spreading the virus.

In an Instagram post, Natasha revealed how they’ve been getting calls asking for “Eid services” every day. People are pretending like the pandemic is already over!

But she remains firm on her decision to not reopen. She says that she will not risk herself, her staff or anyone walking through her doors getting sick.

She’s adapted by giving online makeup classes to continue to generate income and is making sure to keep her employees on payroll during this time.

She further adds that she can’t 100% guarantee that no one coming to her salon will be safe from the virus and she can’t take that big of a risk.

She tells people to “Blowdry your hair at home this Eid, if you can’t do that tie it in a loose braid. You want a facial? Go for any o the at-home ones that you can easily do yourself! Have hairy arms? Just shave!”

This is a level of responsibility that only a few salon owners have shown. We applaud her for putting her staff and potential customers safety at the top of the list. THIS is how it needs to be. Staying alive and healthy is a lot more important than “looking pretty” this Eid.

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