Nabila fights to open salons amid Pandemic

Nabila’s is one of the biggest names in the beauty industry in Pakistan. They’ve been the go-to for award shows and huge brand campaigns. People who get this successful have worked towards it every day and they understand the market they’re in fully.

Around Eid, there’s always a massive boom in markets. From overpriced affairs to “luxury lawns”, we see it all. A big part of these markets are salons. Offering expensive beauty treatments and making their customers feel like they cannot survive if they don’t come to them. Thousands of women get treatments and services done towards the end of Ramzan. This accounts for a lot of money pumped back into the beauty industry.

This year, Ramzan has been different. With the government imposed lockdown closing all non-essential work, people have started spending their money elsewhere. Many people have started helping out the less fortunate in their area and collectively, we’ve realised what’s really important in life.

Doctors are fighting the coronavirus COVID-19 at the front lines. They’re in the red zone every day. Citizens are supposed to make sure they don’t come in contact with the virus so situations in our hospitals get better quicker. Doctors are people too, they’re at risk of contracting the virus and they too have families they want to go back to but they can’t until the virus is under control.

Every new person infected means a doctor has to spend an additional 14 days isolating as well.

Can you imagine how hard that is?

In times like this, we have to stand together with our doctors but Nabila, the owner of Nabila’s salon did something that disappointed doctors all over the country. She’s fighting to get her salons opened as quickly as possible.

In an Instagram post, she announced that they’re going to have their staff wear PPE suits and other protective equipment and are planning to reopen the salons. She claimed that the suits would be changed after every customer and claimed that they were “raising the bar” and creating a “new norm”.

This announcement wasn’t received very well. Doctors from all across Pakistan starting calling out Nabila on how insane it is to be thinking about opening up beauty salons amid a worldwide Pandemic. To which, Nabila replied saying that she considers her work essential too, calling the beauty industry “front line workers”.

In Pakistan, there is still an extreme shortage of personal protective equipment for front line workers. Doctors are still being given one PPE suit a week, even though they’re supposed to be disposable after each use.

To imply that that’s a lie is not okay. To undermine the work that front-line workers have to put in every day is also not okay.

Trying to open your beauty salon back up is not “raising the bar” it’s simple capitalism.

During the Pandemic it’s the responsibility of these big business owners to provide their employees with their monthly salaries without putting their lives and the lives of their customers at risk. Most people affected by the coronavirus are asymptomatic. Anyone can be a carrier.

Mothers of young children or daughters of the elderly can easily contract the virus from salons and carry it over to their family members – many of them might not survive.

To put entire communities at risk just so your salons open back up is something you wouldn’t expect from a name as big as Nabila. Leaders in every market are supposed to be the example everyone else follows. This example isn’t one that anyone should be following.


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