“Mujhy sona chandi nahin, kitab aur kalam do”- Truck art empowering women in Pakistan!

While traveling on the road what is the one thing that really catches your eyes? Well, it doesn’t really catch your eye because it’s literally in your face. Yes, I’m talking about those oh so big and scary trucks. I don’t know about you, but driving or even being parked right next to one gives me major anxiety. Other than being extremely intimidating, trucks depict our culture and art.

Every truck has its own story to tell.

If you observe closely, you get an idea about the theme being depicted in the meticulous and delicate artwork.

Looking at these wondrous beauties makes you wonder how much time and effort has gone into painting a single truck. Along with having striking and bold colors, different social aspects of our society are being highlighted by them. One such issue is ‘Women Rights’ which is being positively portrayed using this medium.

We love how colorfully they depict our culture and heritage!

Truck drivers after getting inspiration from women in their families have also teamed up with artists and social activists to raise awareness regarding these issues.

Since truck art is an important part of our society it is used to reflect upon different social issues.

Samar Minallah Khan is a human rights activist who has worked on a number of social issues including truck art projects and campaigns. She developed this concept where different issues such as female education, preference of sons over daughters and wealth are highlighted on trucks.

These issues were addressed in a campaign in October 2018. Owing to this concept, trucks in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa KPK depicted pro-women messages.

Empowering Female Rights Through Pakistan Truck Art - IA 4

One of the paintings for this project shows a little girl in front of a mountain holding a blackboard. This painting symbolizes the importance of education for girls.

There will be different portraits which will display heartfelt and inspirational one-liners and messages such as:

“Baba, mujhay sona aur chaandi nahin, kitaab aur qalam la kar do.”


“Ilm taqat hai, Ilm roshni hai.”

Hayat Khan is a Pakistani artist who worked on Samar Minallah’s project in 2018.

His paintings on trucks were particularly regarding the education of young girls and child marriages. In one of his paintings, we can see a young girl holding a book, depicting her desire to study. The message that accompanies that portrait was:

“Kam umri aur zabardasti ki shadi kabil e saza jurm hai.”

We cannot forget the positive role that the truck drivers are also playing in this awareness campaign.

Not to mention the amazing impact they had on finding missing children and returning them home safely.

They have taken it upon themselves to be messengers of positivity and to spread awareness regarding the rights of women. We can all hope and pray that this movement leads to a better understanding and realisation of women empowerment.

  • AbdulLadhani says:

    Very excellent idea of awareness

  • Prof.Dr. Kausar Khan says:

    These are the motivational and highly inspiring messages dipicted by Truck Art of our country. This is matchless effort by the True Artists our society. I pay salute to their efforts.

  • Chayan Das Thakur says:


  • shawana says:

    Love it, I thank all the drivers who have done this from the bottom of my heart. Brothers you have got it right.

  • Nilanjan Karmakar says:

    Lovely work ❤️

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