More than 10 houses burnt in Sukkur after woman marries from free will

More than 10 houses burnt in Sukkur after woman marries from free will

A group of armed men has attacked and burnt more than 10 houses in Sham Kaladi village near Rohri. A four-year-old girl was caught in the flames and died in the incident. This was done after a woman and her sister from the Chauhan community was allegedly abducted.

According to details, the woman and her sister left the house as she wanted to contract a freewill marriage with a boy from the Panhwar community. The affected family complained to the community elders that the two sisters have been abducted.

This led to unrest within the community. The enraged men attacked the houses of the Panhwar community. Not only did they ransack the community but also torched more than 10 of their houses. Members from the Panhwar community have alleged that the attackers were from the Chauhan community. They complained at the Dubar police station claiming that the members of the Chauhan community have targeted their houses.

It was also mentioned that the attackers resorted to heavy firing into the air before they ransacked and burned many houses. Police immediately went to the village. However, the attackers had already left the area.

Moreover, the body of the four-year-old girl was found in a burnt house.

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