Model Farwa Ali Kazmi bravely opens up about her painful experience of ‘miscarriage’

Model Farwa Ali Kazmi has spoken up about her painful experience of ‘miscarriage.’ The model took to her social media, where she shared a picture of her ‘ultrasound’ with the followers.

While most people shared their happy memories or more like ‘lessons’ they learned the previous year, the model told the public that she decided to share her story, which doesn’t have a ‘happy ending.’

She said that miscarriage is an experience that mothers are reluctant to talk about because of guilt and shame, but it needs to be talked about openly.

Farwa spoke up about the grief that every mother goes through when she has a miscarriage. She talked about how one thinks they will be bringing home a ‘baby’ in a few months, but the next moment, they find out their ’embryo doesn’t have a heartbeat.’

However, she said that the mental pain is one thing but the physical pain that one experiences in terminating a pregnancy is beyond measure. She opened up about how she is still facing ‘complications’ after her miscarriage.

Kazmi added that she wrote a ‘love letter’ for her baby, which she was never able to see, and coming across that letter brought back all the sorrows and sadness of the dark days of her spontaneous abortion.

She ended the post on a positive and optimistic note, saying that she is grateful for the friends and family who supported her through this trauma.

Here is her complete post:

Losing a baby is truly a huge loss, and the grief that mothers go through at this time is unimaginable. Our hearts go out to all the mothers who’ve ever gone through the pain of experiencing it.

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  • Salma says:

    Power to all mothers who go through such pain. I lost my baby 5 days before he was due to be born. I am grateful to Allah that i was able to hold him, kiss him and bury him. I can imagin the pain of a mother who was never able to see her baby, though she still have an imaginary picture of the baby.

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