Minor girl gang-raped in front of family by robbers in Pattoki

Minor girl gang-raped in front of family by robbers in Pattoki

Two unidentified robbers have allegedly gang-raped a minor girl at gunpoint in front of her father and family. The incident took place near Chunian bypass in Pattoki.

The complainant has revealed that he along with his brother (father of the victim), nephew (6), and niece (13) was on their way home on a motorcycle from village Kani to Khokhar Tochar Ashraf village in Chunian. Two robbers intercepted them near Chak 7 in the area of Pattoki Saddar Police Station.

The robbers took all the four riders to a nursery and tied them with a tree. They raped the girl at gunpoint before their eyes. In the FIR, it was also mentioned that the suspects tortured the victim when she cried for help. Later, they also stole cash, a motorcycle, and mobile phones from the family.

The girl was shifted to Tehsil Headquarter Hospital, Pattoki for medical aid. Moreover, Chief Minister Hamza Shehbaz has taken notice of the incident. He also visited Khokhar Tochar Ashraf village where the family of the victim resides. CM has expressed sympathy to the family and also promised them early arrest of the suspects.

He has also assured the family that the victim will be given all possible assistance. Moreover, all requirements of justice will be fulfilled. A report from the inspector general of police on the gang-rape incident has also been sought.

IGP Rao Sardar Ali Khan has directed all officers to arrest the suspects involved. The Kasur DPO has been asked to keep close contact with the family.

Talking to a media outlet, DPO Sohaib Ashraf told that a search operation has been launched in the area. He further claimed that a suspect has been arrested on suspicion however, there is no confirmation yet.

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