Mehwish Hayat speaks against Zoo culture, says we only take action when ‘foreign celebrities’ get involved

Mehwish Hayat, raising her voice against the Zoo culture in Pakistan, requested the authorities to close all zoos in Pakistan.

Keeping the recent events of the animals rescued and sent back to their original countries, the actress talked about how embarrassing and disgraceful it is. She shared the news about Islamabad zoo, in which 12 animals have been found dead while 530 have been stolen.

Mawish also spoke up about how Pakistani authorities are negligent and fail to even provide basic human rights, so the provision of animal rights is a long way to go.

She mentioned that we only take an action and actually consider doing something when ‘foreign celebrities’ get involved. Mehwish believes that animals are born ‘free,’ so all the country’s zoos should be shut down.

Here’s what Mehwish tweeted:

Islamabad zoo’s last remaining animals, which are 2 Himalayan bears, Bubloo and Suzie, are being sent back to Jordan on December 17, after the elephant Kavaan’s recent relocation to Cambodia.

The Islamabad High Court has declared the zoo ‘unsuitable and unfit’ and requested the authorities to rescue all animals.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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