Meet 3 empowering women who are making an impact in the field of economics

Women remain under-represented in the field of economics despite its significance. Women in the field have reported rampant sexual assault and bias which is why their chances of breaking into the field remain slim.

Despite such hurdles, many women have still blazed in the field. Here are three Pakistani women who have contributed to their respective areas of specialization.

1- Dr. Asma Hyder – Dean at IBA, Karachi

Meet 3 empowering women who are making an impact in the field of economics

Asma Hyder is a professor and dean at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi.
She is a recipient of the Fulbright J. William Award. Asma is also a former member of the Planning Commission at the Ministry of Planning Development and Reform. She has been a part of research at the University of Sussex (UK), London School of Economics and Political Science (UK), and also Carleton University in Canada.

Hyder’s research is focused on labor market issues, wage differentials and schooling, health, gender, and social well-being.

According to Asma, women in the field are much lesser than men. ‘Female participation is enormously low in every discipline in the country,’ she added. Hyder believes that there should be mentorship programs in an attempt to encourage women to study macroeconomics, econometrics, and firm theory.

Moreover, she also believes that women would become a part of policy and decision-making circles if they are promoted to understand the core fields.

2-Dr Hadia Majid – Associate Professor of Economics at LUMS, Lahore

Meet 3 empowering women who are making an impact in the field of economics

Other than being an associate professor of Economics at LUMS, Dr. Hadia is a Fulbright scholar, holds a Ph.D. in Economics, and is also an MA from Ohio State University.

Other than this, her work has been a part of multiple international journals. She is also currently editing a book named Gender at Work in Pakistan. Moreover, her work has been funded by IDRC, Oxfam, IGC, IFPRI, and ESRC-DFID.

‘My research agenda considers how public and monetary constraints impact people in Pakistan. I, particularly explore effects of cash transfers, public goods provisioning, human capital acquisition, and factors influencing women’s access to earned income,’ she told.

Hadia believes that although women have had a solid presence in the field historically, economics still sees very less women in the field. She also revealed that with regard to the students she teaches, women are the top performers. Many among them graduate school and some opt for PhDs.

Majid says that the trends are changing and there is a lot more openness in the discussions happening today about the inequalities in the discipline.

3- Sabrin Beg – Assistant Professor at University of Delaware, USA

Meet 3 empowering women who are making an impact in the field of economics

Sabrin is an Assistant Professor at Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics at the University of Delaware.

Beg holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Yale University. Her areas of expertise include economic history, political economy, applied microeconomics, and development.

Sabrin believes that women who go for Economics have to face numerous biases and obstacles.
Upon explaining how to deal with biases, she believes that the primary thing is to identify them. She revealed that through research, it is known that women in the field get less credit than men for group work. ‘My own research work includes that managers have lower subjective ratings than female workers, even when those workers are more effective,’ she added.

According to Sabrin, aspiring female economists should find role models and support. ‘Don’t be afraid to seek guidance and ask questions. You know your abilities more than anybody else,’ she said further.

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