Mariyam Nafees pens down an emotional note as a tribute to Noor Mukadam

Mariyam Nafees was recently spotted attending a vigil for late Noor Mukadam who was cruelly murdered a few days back in Islamabad. Nafees shared a picture of herself lighting a candle at the vigil and penned down a note for Noor Mukadam in the caption.

The actress on her Instagram posted the note. Mariyam wrote, ‘Noor, I had a lot to say for the last five days and now that I’m here at the vigil held for you, I don’t know what to say because nothing I will say will bring you back.’ The actress mentioned how we’re begging for justice.

Nafees mentioned that she doesn’t have faith in the system, ‘I’m scared. I’m scared for my mother, my sister, every single daughter of my country to the point that I’m scared for my dog too.’

The actress further wrote, ‘Thinking about your last moments gives me shivers. My heart aches for you and your family. We’re thinking about you, praying for you and we’ll fight for you and what you believed in!’

Mariyam Nafees ended the note hoping that the recent heinous murders would somehow become the change that the country is desperately in need of.

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