Man throws steel jug full of acid on woman for refusing to marry him

In Lahore, a woman was made a victim of an acid attack for refusing a marriage proposal. According to the police, the suspect is on the run and the police are trying their best to catch him.

In the FIR, it was stated that the woman was attacked by a suspect in Johar Town. The FIR has been filed against a man who allegedly previously threatened her under Section 336-B of Pakistan Penal Code.

The victim is a domestic worker and was walking to a house, where she worked at around 8 am. It was then that she saw the suspect and an unknown man waiting on a motorcycle near Jagawar Chowk.

They offered to drop her off at her employer’s house but she refused. On this, the man threw acid that was in a steel jug on her face. The woman experienced severe burns on her hands, neck, and face. The woman ran back to her house, and her brother immediately took her to Jinnah Hospital.

In her statement, the woman said that the suspect wanted to ‘marry her’, but she rejected. However, on her refusal, he threatened to ‘not leave her capable of anything’.

SSP Ahsan Saifullah has ordered SP Cantt Saddar to take suitable steps to arrest the suspect and take legal action against him.

The officer said that acid attacks are unacceptable. Lahore police chief Ghulam Mahmood Dogar took notice and sought a report from the SP Saddar. Immediate action has been ordered against the culprit.

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