WATCH | Man follows a woman and her toddler to her car to get her phone number and she serves him right!

Women are, unfortunately, often harassed whenever they leave their house, and this harassment takes place in form of cat-calls, groping, or staring. In Pakistan’s patriarchal society, incidents like this have been happening for the longest time. Every woman you ever come across in your life will have a similar story to tell.

Recently, a man followed a mother and her kid in Lahore’s Packages Mall. Taking to Twitter, a woman shared her harassment story, saying that a man followed her in his car and aksed for her number.

She then sat down in her car, had water and after composing herself, started to make videos of the guy. As she attempted to film him, he hid his face and drove away.

Disappointing but not at all surprising, almost every woman, not just in Pakistan, but across the globe has a harassment story to tell, and that is not okay. Doesn’t matter what age they are, what they are wearing or who they are with, when they leave their house, men think it is okay for them to stare at women, touch or cat-call them without their consent.

This is a serious issue and we, as a society, need to address it and do whatever it is we can to put an end to this. However, the consistent increase in such incidents shows that Pakistan is far from resolving this issue for now.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

  • Jv says:

    Im so proud of my girl! Pls keep sharing this because her story is being twisted somehow. It’s so sad to see if a woman has actually risen up she us being put down by our very own leaders who vouch for women security!

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