Students expose LUMS University for sexual harassment and misconduct in a series of tweets

Students of LUMS are coming out with their stories about sexual harassment and misconduct that they faced inside the campus premises.

LUMS is one of the top universities of Pakistan and even makes it to the list of top ‘seven hundred educational institutions of the world’. Despite being such a big name, it has failed to provide protection and safety to its students.

While sharing her story, one student talked about how multiple students saw a guy physically abuse a girl on the campus. The incident was even recorded in the university’s cameras. The girl, however, failed to file a complaint since she was not a LUMS student herself. She couldn’t complain outside because she was continuously threatened and blackmailed.

The matter eventually died down after some time and the guy got away without facing any penalties.

Here’s what the people had to say:

Recently, the university has been trending on Twitter as many people spoke in support of those who faced harassment in the institute’s premises but failed to get justice. These harassment stories have sparked a fire not only among the students but also among others. People want strict actions to be taken against the incompetent management of LUMS.


This is not the first time the institute has been under heavy criticism. Previously, it was targeted for its fee hike amidst the global pandemic. Later, the issue was resolved after the university denied the claims and came up with proofs.

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