Some kids bullied an autistic kid on Twitter and people are outraged!

Cyberbullying has become a rising concern in Pakistan. From abusive messages to online threats, the bullies go out of their way to emotionally torture someone, without really caring about the consequences.

On the other side, we live in a society which has little to no acceptance for the specially-abled people. And, although it is deeply saddening, it is true that these individuals receive a lot of hate online for being the way they are.

A similar case was witnessed recently in which a bunch of ‘privileged kids’ bullied a 15-year old kid with mild autism. Mohid was added to an Instagram group chat, where he experienced some really hateful comments, was constantly mocked and made fun of. He kept leaving the group but someone kept adding him back.

Mohid’s brother, Zain, finally decided to speak about it and told that for the previous 5 months, a group of teenagers has been mentally torturing the kid. Zain further told that his brother’s ‘self-confidence’ has been shattered due to this.

As soon as the screenshots of the group chat went viral, people were disgusted. They wanted to publicly call out the trolls and hold them accountable for what they did, so no one would dare to do such a thing again in the future.

Here’s how the people reacted

It is worrying how intolerant our younger generation is becoming and how social media is no longer a safe place for the kids. In countries like Pakistan, the incidents of cyberbullying occur frequently, mainly because there is no legislation for these crimes, or because these privileged people know nobody will hold them accountable for their actions.

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