Iranian woman beaten up on the streets for “not wearing her hijab properly”

Wearing a Hijab has been mandatory by Law in Iran since 1979. Women are required to wear some form of head-covering in Public. Usually, the women just wear a head covering that covers some part of their heads and it’s been fine all this time.

The women who don’t wear one can face up to 10 years in prison, on charges of “inciting corruption and prostitution”.

This “punishment” leads to women being constantly harassed and subject to abuse throughout the country.

Recently, a video surfaced. That exposed just what type of harassment the women have to face.

It showed a man on the street, a woman crosses him and he gestures his disapproval and says something to the woman. She ignores and walks past him (something most women do when an unknown man/stranger tried to say anything to them on the streets).

The man doesn’t stop though, he decides to chase her down the street, get extremely close to her face and now points and yells at her.

Seconds later, he violently kicks her in the stomach multiple times – pushing her on to the main road.

She tries to fight him off but he keeps on kicking and punching her.

At this point, by-standers try to intervene but the kicking and pushing continues on. The woman is also visibly upset and is fighting back too – Who wouldn’t be?

After some time, the man seems to have gotten his unexplainable anger for a random woman on the street, out of his system and simply walks away.

This behaviour is insane. Islam doesn’t teach anyone to physically harm someone. No one should be able to kick, push and shove someone at all! Especially not for something like “not wearing their hijaab properly”.

This goes to show, women can be wearing however many layers of clothing, they can wear abayas and hijabs and it still won’t be enough. Until there’s enough education to go around that teaches humans to be kind to other humans, abuse like this won’t end.

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