High-profile international celebrities express their opinion on Israeli atrocities against Palestine

Many international celebrities have voiced their opinion in the wake of disproportionate attacks of Israeli forces on the Palestinians.

Bella Hadid

The first among the high-profile international celebs to speak was American-Palestinian supermodel, Bella Hadid. She took to Instagram where she shared an illustration. She addressed the common misconception relating to the root of the Palestinian struggle clearly stating that it is not about ‘religion’ rather it is about ‘spewing hate’ on each other. She showed her support saying that she stands with her Palestinian brothers and sisters. She also promised to support and protect them according to her capacity.

Lena Headey

The Game of Thrones star also showed support to the Palestinians by putting up a post raising awareness about the issue.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi also made sure her voice was raised and it was loud and clear in the issue. She believes that one can not advocate issues like women rights, racial equality, and more if they ‘choose to ignore’ the Palestinian opression.

Moreover, one can not ‘pick and choose’ whose human rights matter more.

Dua Lipa

Posting an artwork on Instagram stories, Dua Lipa used the hashtag #SaveSheikhJarrah.

Mark Ruffalo

The beloved Avengers’ actor, Mark Ruffalo took to Twitter where he raised awareness about the on-going atrocities of Israel. He mentioned that ‘it is time for sanctions on Israel to free Palestinians.’

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