Indian woman risks son’s life by hanging him from 10th-floor balcony to fetch her sari [VIDEO]

An Indian woman’s video has gone viral on the internet. In the clip, the woman and her family are seen hanging their son down a 10-story building to fetch her sari. After the boy grabs it, the family pulls him back up.

The video clip has caused a lot of outrage and rightfully so. The public is disturbed by how some people treat their children. Social media users are speaking up about how the woman had no right to risk her son like that.

According to the details, the video is from Faridabad, India. The boy is seen hanging from the 9th-floor balcony to a makeshift bedsheet rope.

Watch the video here:

It was revealed that the sari had fallen on the balcony of a locked house which was on the 9th floor of the building. The woman risked her son’s life just to get her sari. People are absolutely enraged after the clip made rounds on social media.

Multiple people believe that the woman should have contacted society’s maintenance. A neighbor also told that the clip is from the 6th or 7th Feburary while talking to a local media outlet. Instead of going for a sensible approach, the lady decided to endanger her son. The clip was taken by a resident from the opposite building and just recently made it to social media.

After the video went viral, the concerned authorities took an action against it. A notice has also been issued to the woman on behalf of society.

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