In a first, Sindh tribe elects its first female chief

In a first, Sindh tribe elects its first female chief

Sindh Tribe – Soho – has elected its first female chief named Heer Soho. Heer would be appointed officially in a ceremony which will be held after the month of Ramzan.

The tribe’s older members took the decisions after the death of her father named Sardar Ismail Soho.

Heer belongs from Mirpur Bathoro, Thatta. She has a Master’s Degree in Agriculture and in Economics. Presently, Heer is a part of the Sindh Provincial Member from Pakistan People’s Party (PPP).

Heer’s father was also an active part of PPP and had a very prominent role in the movement for the restoration of democracy (MRD).

In the year 2002, she was also elected as a member of the Provincial Assembly to represent Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) on a reserved seat. Later on, she ran for the seat of the National Assembly of Pakistan as a candidate of MQM in 2008. However, she was unsuccessful and lost the seat to Syed Ayaz Ali Shah Sheerazi.

After leaving MQM, Heer was again elected in 2018’s general elections on a reserved seat as a representative of PPP.

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