If your child ever chokes, knowing this technique can save their life

Children are extremely curious beings.

They have an inbuilt Sherlock Holmes trait which makes them explore everything around them. Along with touching and poking their noses in everything, children under the age of four love putting their newfound discoveries in their mouths. Whether it’s a toy part, food crumbs or dirt, you name it.  We will never know what makes these items appealing enough to make their way straight into their mouths.

As children start to grow, they start getting a hang of their different senses.

They use the sense of touch and taste to explore new objects. They love to know about the texture and taste of everything that comes their way. Haven’t you ever noticed that babies put EVERYTHING they can get a hold of in their mouth?

Now all this can get really dangerous in a matter of seconds if the object gets stuck in the child’s throat.

Time and again we hear about cases where children end up choking even on simple food items.

We must be aware and alert regarding food and objects that can pose as a choking hazard and make sure that they are out of our child’s reach.

Having said that, have you ever been in a situation where a child is choking? God forbid, if you ever have to face such a situation, do you know what to do? Many people start panicking and are clueless and don’t really know how to help the child. I mean anyone would lose their right mind being faced with such a frightening situation.

So let us help guide you as to what you should do in such an instance.

Have you ever heard of the term Heimlich maneuver?
This is a method used to dislodge whatever is stuck in the throat.

Let’s look at it in detail:

  • While the child is standing in an upright position, stand behind him/her. Make the child bend forward while you hold him/her with one of your hands at the child’s waist.
  • With your free hand, you have to administer 5 back blows with the heel of your hand in between the shoulder blades.
  • If the object is still stuck, make a fist with both your hands and put it on the child’s abdomen.
  • Make sure that you place your fist right above the belly button.
  • Then administer 5 short and quick abdominal thrusts by thrusting inwards and upwards on the child’s abdomen. While doing this, make sure you don’t lift the child off the floor.
  • Keep alternating between 5 sets of back blows and 5 sets of abdominal thrusts until the object is dislodged.

If the child is unconscious or has stopped breathing, do this procedure while laying the child flat on his/her back.

While kneeling at the child’s feet place the heel of one of your hands in between the ribs and navel. Then place your other hand on top of the other and administer 6 to 10 firm quick inwards and upwards thrusts while making sure you apply pressure gently. Continue this process until medical help arrives.

Everyone can learn the Heimlich maneuver and use it to save someone’s life.

The same method is used in case an adult is choking; only the pressure or force applied is much more as compared to the force used on children.

Anyone one can choke at any time, it is best that you and your family is prepared rather than running here and there in a life threatening situation.

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