“I am not a feminist, I believe in gender equality” – Saba Qamar

Feminism: A concept so simple, that it shouldn’t really confuse as many people as it does. The core belief of feminism is that all genders should have equal rights and access to everything.

Unless you believe that all genders shouldn’t have equal rights and genders – surprise! you’re already a feminist.


“I’m a WHAT?”

The movement started with women fighting for the right to vote, many people think that it’s this ‘woman’s only’ thing. “Omg don’t call me a feminist yaar”. It’s the “new cool” to say that you’re not a feminist.

I’m sure you can do better than that people

The rest of the people think that the movement is anti-men, why? Because it’s called feminism and not meninism

It was started by females so females could get some rights, why would it be called something else?

News flash: This movement fights for gender equality. Not only does it fight for women but also every other gender that exists. It also fights the societal gender norms that exist to keep people trapped in this forever circle of what’s “masculine and feminine”.

It’s 2020, men can be in the kitchen and be primary caregivers to their children just as well as women can go have a flourishing career (even in the *gasp* manly fields). Men can be emotional and vulnerable, women can be strong.

Do you get the point?

Saba Qamar’s interview with Samina Peerzada came out where she too says “I’m not a feminist, I believe in gender equality. Why should the one brother have to earn and feed and take the responsibility of marrying off his 6 sisters? Everyone should go earn for themselves and not be a burden on the one man”

Ya Saba, that’s the point.

That’s literally what feminism fights against. The patriarchal rules that say that only men can be providers. The same rules that keep women from working. If they are allowed to step foot out of the house to work, it has to be “womanly” fields like being a teacher. This is also the reason why we don’t really have that many great teachers in this country – because teaching is considered the only “Safe and manageable career for women”.

Female fetuses in Pakistan are still aborted. Women are still being killed for petty reasons (Did Saba straight up forget her character in Baaghi?). Girls still don’t have the same access to education and healthcare. Women are still told their “real place” is at home.

I could go on for hours with this, but you get the point.

The only reason women like Saba can even have the independence to work and have a life of her own will is because of those feminists that got up and fought for their right to even exist in society.

To be an educated person in 2020 and saying illogical statements like this is just unacceptable. You can always reject radicals in movements and religions. They always exist, everywhere and in everything. But being someone that benefits from a movement but also rejects it at the same time is not okay.

Saying you’re not a feminist but believe in gender equality literally means you’re saying “I’m not a feminist but I believe in feminism”

Watch the full interview here:

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