Husband murders wife with an ax after swearing on the Quran to not beat her

As an ongoing ‘femicide’ grips the country, leaving women across Pakistan questioning their safety, another news of crime against women has come forth.

In Nankana Sahib, a husband killed his wife using an ax in front of their daughter. The Police have arrested the culprit and he will be processed under section 302.

According to the registered First Information Report (FIR), the woman was a resident of the Maliwal area and a mother of 3 children. She was murdered by her husband Khalid Hussain.

Yaseen, the brother of the victim, was the one to register an FIR against the culprit at Mangta Nawala police station. He told a media outlet that his sister was married to Khalid for 15 years. The couple had two sons, and a daughter together. Khalid was a rickshaw driver, and it was his source of income.

According to Yaseen, his sister came to his home after having a fight with her husband over their children. He added that Khalid came as well and swore on the Quran to never beat his wife again, and wanted to take the kids and her home.

Yaseen added that he went with the family to ensure his sister’s safety. He was asleep on the roof when he heard a noise from downstairs. It was two o’clock in the morning and he rushed to the scene of the crime and saw Khalid attack his sister with an ax.

His sister died on the spot due to injuries and Khalid saw him and ran away from
there. While Khalid attacked his wife with an ax, their fourteen-year-old daughter stood there, witnessing the scene.

The young girl was frozen and in shock. The children have been brought home with him, while the deceased has been buried. Yaseen is a driver by profession and barely makes both ends meet. Due to them being underprivileged, he is convinced that the police will suppress this case and demands justice for his sister.

Meanwhile, SHO Tasawur Munir has said that the accused is in police custody and will be processed according to the legislature of the country. He added that an investigation is underway.

The SHO said that Khalid claimed to have killed his wife because she did not have a ‘good character’. To this, Yaseen questioned that if his sister was like that, why did Khalid take her back?

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