Husband murders wife over ‘suspicion’ about her character

In another blood-boiling incident of violence against women, a husband killed his wife because he ‘doubted’ her character.

The accused, Mumtaz, confessed to the murder of his wife and is currently in police custody. This took place in Jalalpur Pirwala Tehsil of Multan.

Mumtaz told his brother what he had done, and the motive behind it. He killed his wife and then buried her body next to their residence to get rid of all the evidence. The police found out about the incident from his brother who told them, not only about the murder but also the burial place.

In many parts of the country, these incidents are not reported, due to which the public believes that these happenings are ‘exceptional’ or ‘rare’. But, in these last few weeks, news outlets have reported an outpouring number of cases. Gender-based violence transcends all barriers and cuts across all socio-economic groups.

This incident is definitely upsetting, but not new. This year, crimes against women have been on a disturbing rise and people have labeled the ongoing conditions as a ‘femicide’. Now is the time for the authorities to step up, and put measures in place that ensure the safety of women.

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