Husband tries to cut wife’s nose and hair over dancing at her brother’s wedding

In Pakpattan, a man has been arrested for attempting to cut off his wife’s hair and nose! According to news sources, Sahi Bibi was attending the wedding of her brother, Ahmed Saeed. Her husband Amir Qadir on the other hand was upset by his wife’s decision of dancing at her brother’s wedding.

He did not like his wife dancing at her brother’s wedding and was enraged by it. In anger, he picked up a pair of scissors and attempted to cut Sahi Bibi’s nose and hair, badly injuring her in the process.

The accused, Amir and Shabbir were captured by the Police in less than ten hours after they were held. The two were then detained by Pakpattan police. Amir has been charged with attempted murder by the law enforcement agency.

Previous case

This is not the first time something like this has happened. Back in 2016, a husband cut his wife’s nose and hair because of a dispute that broke out between them. 17-year-old Tayyaba wanted to meet her family, but her husband would not allow her to do so.

Upon this, a disagreement broke out in their house, and the situation escalated quickly. The husband took the victim out to a field and tied her to a tree, and then physically injured her.

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