First-ever ‘separate’ Harassment Reporting Unit of the country set up by Rawalpindi Police

Rawalpindi police have set up a separate ‘Harassment Reporting Unit’ (HRU) to help women file harassment complaints without revealing their identities. The HRU intends on helping women who face harassment at their workplaces, homes, markets, public transport, or anywhere.

The victims will now be able to take action just by sitting in their homes.

While giving an interview to a local media source, a police officer told that the unit has ‘latest mobile phone technology’ which will empower the victims to report any such incident either through calls or through WhatsApp. This will help women, especially those who are hesitant to appear before a male investigating officer, to report cases.

After the complaint has been lodged, Female ASIs or SIs will visit the complainant at the site of the incident (workplace, home, school, college, or university). Following a written complaint, an FIR will be lodged. The victim can stay anonymous if they want. In such a case, the police will register the case on behalf of the state.

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