How you SHOULD act if traffic police stop you in Pakistan

Recently, a woman was caught on the Khayaban-e-Iqbal road, Karachi by the Traffic Police after she had run through a red light.

The unnamed woman, didn’t have her license with her and refused to provide a National Identity Card when the officer asked her for one so he could issue a chalan. She proceeded to threaten the officers saying she’s calling the higher authorities and that they should stay in their “aukat”, calling the officers “2 takay ke” amongst other insulting things. She continued thrashing the officers before she fled the scene.

The officers involved recorded the whole incident and the videos were posted on social media. The videos went viral within hours of being posted. Here’s the video in case you managed to miss it!

The car has been tracked down to be registered to a‘ Pir Roshan Rashidi‘. The Traffic Police said to have decided to pursue legal action against the woman for the violation of traffic laws and further for the way she behaved with the officers on duty.

Behavior like this is absolutely unacceptable. People in our country seem to have no respect for Traffic Police Officers. It is very easy to be ignorant towards how hard their duties really are, and that they patiently fulfill all their duties so the roads are safe for all of us.

Here’s how you should act if a traffic-police officer stops you:

No one is above the law. If you’re brave (foolish) enough to break the law you should be as brave to face the consequences.


    In our culture, it’s very common to treat officers of the law in this manner. It is less likely you’ll find someone actually respecting officers. The richer or ‘parhey likhey’ people get, the worse their behavior becomes. We’ve seen rich politicians break the law and get away with it for as long as I can remember. We’ve always seen that if you’re rich enough you’ll be untouchable.

    But today, in the world of video cameras you cannot get away with it. You should be aware that anything you do can be filmed and put on the Internet, and once it’s on the internet it’s there forever. The common public will no longer stand for people like this, they’ll always be called out the way this woman was.

    Even if you are wrongfully accused of breaking a traffic rule, there’s a tameezdar way of explaining your side of the story. You should never abuse an officer of the law who’s only there to keep the roads safe. There’s a chance you think you were in the right but you weren’t. Potentially putting other drivers at risk too.

    If you accidentally run a red light, you should stop at once and calmly explain the situation to the officer on duty. Trying to speed away or dodge the officers is not a good idea. You can not out run them, they have walkie talkies- they’ll probably catch you at the next signal.

Giving authorities the respect that they deserve is essential. Let’s teach our children, families & friends the right way to deal with them.

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