#JusticeforZainab: How many more Zainabs?

It hasn’t even been a month since the horrific motorway incident, which shook the entire nation to its core, that we now see in front of ourselves another bone-chilling crime. This time, it wasn’t someone who’d just come to Pakistan from abroad, she wasn’t traveling at the ‘wrong’ time or on the ‘wrong’ route, she was just a two-year-old girl from Peshawar.

Another #ZainabCase

Zainab was merely two and a half years old. The little girl’s body was found in the Jabba Korona area in the precinct of Daudzai police station. According to residents and the police, Zainab went missing a few days back in Sheikh Kallay Qilla area, while she was playing with other kids outside her home.

A day after the child went missing, the police were notified about the dead body of a girl lying in the Jabba Korona area. The body was recovered and shifted to the Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar for postmortem. District Police Officer (DPO) Charsadda Mohammad Shoaib Khan said that initially an FIR had been registered in the police station against the unknown kidnappers on the complaint of the girl’s father.

The initial investigation suggests that the minor was ‘assaulted‘ before her murder. There were torture marks all over Zainab’s body. However, police is still waiting for the medical report.

How many more?

Now, the question that arises here is how many more Zainab’s? How many more women and how many more minors will we have to lose for the authorities to do something? When will an end be put to these crimes? How can we live in a country where our kids aren’t even safe?

The wounds left from the Marwah case are yet to be filled, the culprits are yet to be caught, but every single week, new cases like these surface, little kids are made victims again and again. How many children will it take to stop these inhumane acts?

Where is the ‘Riyasat e Madina’ we were promised? Pakistani government HAS TO take strict actions to put an end to these crimes once and for all. People MUST use their voice, and demand for justice every single day till justice is actually served. We cannot afford to lose more children, we cannot afford one more headline like this. We need to act, we need to step up and now is the time.

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