PML-N’s Hina Butt receives backlash over victim-blaming on Islamabad couple assault incident

PML-N’s Hina Parvez Butt took to Twitter to talk about the Usman Mirza case. She received a lot of backlash over her victim-blaming remarks. In a now-deleted tweet, she ended up blaming the victims for the incident. Parvez questioned why young people go out and become targets of people like Usman Mirza,

Hina’s remarks caused a lot of outrage on Twitter. The public also compared her remarks to those of CCPO Lahore, Umer Sheikh’s stance, on the Motorway rape case where he shifted the blame on the victim.

After the public reaction, Hina decided to delete her Tweet.

Mirza’s distressing video, in which he was seen harassing and torturing a couple, went viral previously. Usman and all those involved are in police custody now.

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