The government of Sindh makes 1094, a helpline for women, available round the clock

Crime against women have been on a disturbing rise in the country. Women are made victims of domestic abuse, harassment and other injustices, but, reporting these incidents has remained a taboo for the longest time.

To help women in this regard, the helpline service 1094 of the government of Sindh’s development department has now been made available round the clock. The helpline receives complaints related to crimes committed against women and is now at hand at any hour of the day.

Sindh Women Development Minister Syeda Shehla Raza said that it is essential to launch such a platform. This will allow women to lodge complaints immediately because such incidents and mistreatment is increasing,

According to the minister, the helpline will provide the most suitable legal help to women facing injustices. She lauded the services of the officials and personnel for making the service operational round the clock.

This is definitely a great step taken by the authorities, such a helpline, where women can call any time of the day when they’re faced with various forms of cruelty is much needed. Not only will this give women a safety net, but they will feel somewhat secure knowing there is someone they can call for help whenever they need to.

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