“Gori rangat” – You can’t get married without it

“Jab koi kisi ki rangat pe mar mitey, toh phir hota hai rishta” 

It’s 2020 and Pakistan is STILL obsessed with “gori rangat” 

In our society, women are groomed from the day they are born, not for themselves but so they can secure the best possible Rishta. Who are we if not a live bait for the perfect “rich Prince Charming” to come give us the perfect life? 

An ad by a “whitening cream” company made its rounds on social media this week, an ad that is problematic from the first second. 

Saying that a woman’s “rangat” is the key that will make a man want to marry her is a thought we should’ve left back in the 1800s, 2020 doesn’t have space for thinking like this

“Dulhan lakhon mein aik lagay” 

Because she’s fair-skinned? 

Why is it acceptable to STILL air advertisements like this. Why do we keep pushing forward the same old idea that “gora hona” is the benchmark of beauty?

Why is it okay to endorse ideas that tell women that they need to conform to this “standard of beauty” to attain a Rishta? And if they don’t fit it, they can forget about finding someone. 

Because that’s all that matters in a woman’s life – Getting married. 

Not only are these advertisements continuing to endorse age old ideas that marginalize women that aren’t the fairest but the products that are featured in these ads are also harmful to humans and the environment as well. 

The Indian government is already taking measures that will put an end to advertisements like this one. When will our government do the same?

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