Glossophobia (Speech Anxiety) And How You Can Overcome It.

Glossophobia or the fear of public speaking is a social disorder linked to extreme speech anxiety. You know the tongue-tied feeling you get every time you have to deliver a presentation in class or stand in front of family and friends to give a toast? That feeling of dread and self-consciousness along with your heart racing like an engine in overdrive are basically the most common symptoms of Glossophobia.

Speech Anxiety is believed to affect up to 75% of our population where researchers say that it is the second biggest fear among people after death.


Experts say it’s possible to overcome speech anxiety just by following a few simple steps –

  1. Know Your Facts

    Always make sure you have accurate and adequate information before you plan to publicly address an issue or topic. There’s nothing that gives off more of a bad vibe then being misinformed or falsely prepared.
  2. Redirect your nervous energy

    This step is a game-changer when it comes to helping you be less nervous whilst addressing an audience. I remember always carrying either a retractable pen with a spring inside which i could click or tap incessantly or a stress ball ( Here’s how you can make one at home!). Trust me, they work. They trick your brain into converting nervous energy into physical energy. So you start focusing more on what you’re doing physically than what you’re feeling emotionally.
    All your anxiety and stress gets overshadowed by your brain focusing more on clicking your pen or squeezing your stress ball. The result? Voila! You’re on a roll and speaking like a pro.
  3. The Audience Is Your Friend

    Another very Important aspect of public speaking is to remember that the audience is in fact your friend.  Don’t get intimidated by all those eyes and stares locked solely on you. Take it in your stride, feel proud and even gloaty! – You got this.   
  4. Make Yourself Uncomfortable

    Our comfort zone is the most coziest, safest & warmest place in the entire world that we’d probably never want to leave.  It’s not a surprise then, that it is probably the only thing pulling you back from confronting your fears.
    How to kick the habit? Make yourself as uncomfortable as you can! Step out of your comfort zone, challenge your own boundaries, speak at every public gathering & be more vocal about your opinions. 
    It’ll be revolutionary for your self-confidence. (include link to self confidence blog)
  5. Practice Practice Practice

    And last but not the least – Practice. It’ll get easier and more natural with time but before addressing a gathering or crowd for the very first time do not forget to practice!
    Practice makes perfect and perfection is everything. Have you ever overcome a fear successfully? If yes, we’d LOVE to hear about it! Shoot us an email or reply in the comment section below.
  • Erum says:

    Everytime when I start my presentation I get nervous .same happened with me in my thesis presentation which although get less by passage of time but same symptoms which you mentioned above racing of heart like engine must.

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