Geeta and Edhi: A story of compassion, hope, and inter-faith harmony

The Indian girl was stranded in Pakistan. Abdul Sattar Edhi, who spent his whole life serving humanity, took care of Geeta for more than a ‘decade’ until she recognized her family and was finally sent back to her home in India.

The Bihari girl was very young when she accidentally crossed the border and entered Pakistan. Edhi also set up a separate ‘mandir’ for her so she could pray and strictly advised everyone to take their ‘shoes off’ while going inside the mandir.

Edhi Saab had provided shelter to deaf & dumb Hindu girl Geeta built her a small temple inside his orphanage and advised the staff not to enter with shoes on.

Geeta was thankful to Edhi for looking after her and making her safely return to her homeland. She informed the government officials in ‘sign language’ that ‘Edhi Saheb loved her like a father and took good care of her.’ Moreover, she also said that she was given a separate private room and it was made sure that nobody ‘disrespected’ her or her religious beliefs.

Members of Edhi Charity accompanied her from Karachi to Delhi, where they were received by people from India’s foreign ministry and Pakistani High Commission officials.

An Angel in disguise

4 years after his death, Abdul Sattar Edhi is still remembered and respected for his social welfare works throughout Pakistan and outside as well. He worked for humanity and caste, race and beliefs did not stop the man from helping someone.

Upon being asked ‘why his ambulance picks up Hindus and Christians’, he replied: ‘Because the ambulance is more Muslim than you.’

Edhi has set an example for us in many aspects. He building a temple for this one Hindu girl to pray in, and asking everyone to respect it teaches us about how we need to respect our minorities and their faith.
The nation salutes Edhi for his great work, and although he is not amongst us anymore, the way he has served humanity will be a lesson for the upcoming generation.

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