FDE bans jeans and t-shirts for faculty in educational institutes

FDE bans jeans and t-shirts for male and female staff

The Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) has issued a new dress code for both male and female teaching staff. The teaching staff is not allowed to wear jeans and t-shirts on the premises of educational institutes.

According to a media outlet, the principals have been instructed to ensure that the staff maintains proper hygiene. A regular haircut, nail cutting, beard trimming, and the use of perfume have to be ensured by the authorities for the teaching and non-teaching staff of both genders.

A letter had been issued by FDE to the principals of the institutes in this aspect. The letter read, ‘All heads of the institutes/section in-charges shall ensure that every staff member observes reasonably good measures in their physical appearance and personal hygiene.’

The letter also shed light on the need to wear gowns and labcoats. ‘It is recommended that all teaching staff must wear teaching gowns while teaching in class and lab coats while taking practical periods in laboratories,’ it stated. For the non-teaching staff, it was instructed that they wear neat and clean clothes which are ironed and with proper shoes.

For the female staff, wearing tights and jeans isn’t allowed. They have also been instructed to wear comfortable shoes such as pumps and sneakers. Other than this, wearing slippers isn’t permissible.

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