Fatima Bhutto calls out Angelina Jolie’s ‘selective activism’ for not talking about Palestine and Kashmir

Hollywood star, Angelina Jolie recently created an account on Instagram.

Angelina in her first-ever post on Instagram told that she joined the app to share the stories of those around the globe who are fighting for basic human rights. Jolie promised to amplify their voices. She shared a letter that she was sent by an Afghan girl in her debut post on IG.

After the superstar’s post, the writer and columnist Fatima Bhutto called Jolie out for her ‘selective activism.’ She took to Twitter where she shared Jolie’s quote and wrote, ‘Judging by some leading feminists and actresses, Afghanistan was a paradise until last week.’

In another Tweet, Bhutto asked the actor to talk about Palestine too. In a third follow-up Tweet, the writer again targeted Angelina and asked the public to tell her about the happenings in Kashmir.

Earlier, Bhutto on her social media talked about how the west has always excelled in ‘PR, hugging babies, crying on TV, prancing around in burqas.’ She wrote that they are ‘bending over backwards in Afghanistan to shape the story to cover their ‘catastrophic incompetence, callousness, and corruption.’

‘Won’t work. Your failure will haunt you.’ She further wrote.

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