Fake Photos – A Social Experiment!

A Facebook user by the name of Waleed Wakar uploaded a video on his profile. The thumbnail was similar to ones we see float around Pakistani social media pages frequently.

A side by side photo of a woman, one censored with an emoji, making it look like there’s explicit content to see. The video was titled “social experiment”.

When you play the video you see Waleed talk about how he’s noticed that our society is heading towards darkness, with increasing reports of rape and assault, violence against women is rising every single day. One of the most well-known ways of humiliating women is by sharing “leaked photos”.

Sharing intimate photos without someone’s consent is a crime. Yet, we see it happen all the time here. A lot of those times the images are edited. Photoshopping two images together to fool the public is still a common practice in Pakistan. In a country where women already don’t feel safe – this is a cherry on top.

Waleed goes on to show us exactly how easy this is. He takes photos of a well-known actress, adds an emoji to censor everything but her face, making the photo look like it’ll have compromising content if it is seen uncensored.

He then creates a WhatsApp group named “Leaked”, and makes this photo the display picture. He went on and commented on posts where non-consensual content was being shared and posted the link to the WhatsApp group, adding the comment “Yeh lo link, apko videos yahan millein gi” “Here’s the link, you’ll find videos here”

Within a few minutes, the group is joined by 150 people. All on their own, looking for “leaked photos” – because what can be more fun than looking at photos that have been shared without someone’s consent.

The creator of this group sends no messages or videos in the group himself, yet we see a lot of messages by these new members – sharing the content they already have.

Revenge porn leaves its victims with the same type of PTSD as sexual assault. Anyone enjoying this type of material makes them as bad as the person who assaults someone or the one who leaked the photos or videos in the first place.

Waleed then asks “Who’s at fault here? The girls? The people who leaked these images and videos? Or the way our people think now?”

He adds that we need to work on ourselves as people first, we keep asking the government why sexual assault cases are still on the rise when our common people enjoy seeing non-consensual imagery themselves. How is that okay?

After filming the initial video he deleted the group off of WhatsApp, only to be bombarded by texts of people asking “Why was I deleted from the group???” or “Please add me back to “Leaked” – How pathetic.

This video also shows us how easy it is to create fake images and spread them around, next time you hear of someone’s pictures getting “leaked”, instead of being a pervert and hunting down those pictures desperately like a piece of trash – choose better, report people who are participating in revenge porn to the FIA, bring the victims to justice.

For more information on how to report visit :


Social Experiment

Social Experiment in Islamic Republic of Pakistan!! #leaked #fullvideo

Posted by Waleed Wakar on Friday, January 31, 2020

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