Eshal Fayyaz opens up about sexually abusive stepfather | VIDEO

Recently, actress Eshal Fayyaz did an interview with host Nida Yasir, where she touched on many important topics. The actress also opened up about a traumatic childhood. She talked about her stepfather attempting to rape her, not once but four times.

The Kaaf Kangana actress got all emotional as she talked about her childhood and revealed the details. She said that her biological father died when she was just a kid, which is why her mother re-married when Eshal was really young.

Sharing a horrific experience, she told that her stepfather tried to rape her not once or twice but four times until she finally decided to speak up and tell her mother about it. The star also explained how ‘helpless’ she felt as she couldn’t process what was happening due to her young age.

Eshal’s mother divorced her stepfather after the incidents and never married again.

Women in Pakistan have finally mustered up the courage to speak against such incidents and stand against those responsible. Celebrities like Eshal Fayyaz, are a big inspiration for many who struggle with speaking up.

Watch the video here:

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