Women march in Kabul: Equal rights and a place in the government demanded from Taliban

Taliban used tear gas to disperse the crowd of protestors

Ever since the Taliban took over Afghanistan, the world has raised concerns over the social status of women under their rule. In recent weeks, the Taliban have sent mixed signals about the standing of women in Afghan society. To demand their rights, women are marching in Kabul.

Women are demanding their right to get a job, a role in any future government, and a seat at the table in discussions with the Taliban. The protest started with 50 women marching towards the presidential palace in Kabul.

The March

26-year-old Razia Barakzai said that at the entrance to the Ministry of Finance, women were stopped. Taliban surrounded them and stopped them from continuing their march towards the palace’s entrance.

She said that tear gas and pepper spray was used to stop the march, although the women were calm and civil the entire time. Even though the march was peaceful, the Taliban wanted to stop the protestors.

The Taliban, who were encircling the protestors, carried guns and wore red banners. They were not the ordinary forces. They ordered the women to go back to their homes, which proved to be difficult as they were surrounding them from all four sides.

One of the women was also hit by the Taliban and was bleeding from the head.

Reason for the protest

Barakzai worked for a government office before the start of the Taliban rule, and she said that this protest was held after the Taliban leader’s statement that there ‘may not be a place for women in higher ranks of the future Taliban-led government’.

She asked how were women guaranteed rights when they are not even involved in the government’s decision-making roles.

Previously in a news conference, the Taliban said that women were to have the same rights as their male counterparts. They will be involved in different sectors and areas.

But, Barakzai has not seen any proof of this promise. She added that whenever she tried to meet the Taliban to discuss the issue of women’s rights, they always came up with excuses.

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